About Rockwood

Our Values

  • We believe that our ability to listen and communicate clearly, openly, and honestly with our clients is of the utmost importance.
  • We believe that our success is tied inexorably to the financial well-being of our clients and our sincere commitment to servicing their needs and concerns.
  • We believe that the short-term price trends in global equity markets are unknowable. No one can consistently predict the magnitude or duration of any market fluctuation. We also know that in the course of your life you will cross paths with those who think that financial advice means timing the market and picking stocks. We ignore these prognostications, just like we ignore the financial media because we know that neither has your best interests in mind.
  • We believe that the best business model is based on relationships, not transactions.
  • We believe that the persistence of any conflict of interest endangers a client-advisor relationship and has no place in the ultra-important business of managing a client's financial livelihood.
  • We believe that the peaks and valleys don't count. We know that an advisor is not a genius when markets rise and that he is not incompetent when they fall. We're empowered by faith in the relentless long-term upward trajectory of the global equities markets.
  • We believe that you should be able to get better service from your financial advisor than from a suit salesperson at Nordstrom's or a car salesperson at Mercedes. After all, they are selling products and we are offering service to a client for life.
  • We believe that making investment decisions based on emotions or outside the context of a strategic investment plan is damaging to the creation of generational wealth.
  • We believe that the event that some call a "bear market" is in fact an expected and cyclical "big sale" that is consistent with the nature of global markets.
  • We believe that an advisor should have a Nobel-level understanding of how markets work and engineer portfolios accordingly.
  • We believe that trying to "beat the market" with market timing or frequent trading is amateurish and a monumental waste of resources.
  • We believe in what we recommend as our personal investments are side by side with yours.