About Rockwood


  • Fee-Only Independence means that we remain unbiased in our advisor-client relationships as we accept no referral fees or commissions in any aspect of our practice. Fee-Only is more than a description of compensation; it dictates that our interests are naturally aligned with yours, as our primary intent is to professionally serve you and to earn your trust as a life-long client.
  • The result is unbiased financial advice rendered by heavily credentialed professionals who are committed to acting as a fiduciary in a client-centered relationship. Rockwood Wealth Management works hard to preserve our station as an independent firm, void of conflicts of interest, and dedicated to the pursuit of satisfying our clients.
  • A widely misunderstood conception is the distinction between a financial advisor who is a comprehensive financial planner, skilled in all aspects of wealth management, and a salesperson affiliated with proprietary products. A comprehensive financial planner working as a registered investment advisor is a legal fiduciary. As a fiduciary, a Rockwood Wealth Management financial advisor must always provide services and advice in the best interests of our clients. (This fiduciary standard lies in stark contrast to those who may represent themselves as "financial planners," but in reality are salespersons peddling proprietary products for which they will receive hefty compensation).