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Physicians - Mary, the Endovascular Surgeon

Mary wears a multitude of hats. Still practicing clinically as a surgeon, she owns her own medical practice and employs a staff of nine. She is a part owner of an ambulatory surgery center and guest lecturers at a local university hospital. She needed an advisory firm that she could trust not only to expertly manage her portfolio, but one that could work with her to ensure her other financial affairs were optimally conducted given the time constricted nature of her profession.

She needed an advisory firm that was both proactive and responsive. One that would thoughtfully consider her multiple streams of income - and that could coordinate with her CPA to ensure a well-vetted approach to systematically limit her tax liabilities.

She had worked in the past with a well known brokerage company that placed their emphasis on the product development side of the business, rather than proactively resolving wealth management issues and implementing prudent portfolios. This arrangement had made it nearly impossible to develop the type of strong relationship with a trusted advisor that she sought.

Mary now clearly comprehends the difference in working with a true wealth management firm like Rockwood versus an investments-only approach by a product centered brokerage company.

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